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Attention that companies should have when hiring expatriates by Domingues e Pinho Contadores
For Brazilian companies, hiring an expatriate (one who lives outside their home country) represents a great advantage in terms of diversity and exchange of experiences in a corporate environment...

Coming Events

29/11/2017 - São Paulo
Human Capital Committee Seminar. How the startup culture could help your company.


09/10/2017 - São Paulo
Launch of the “GBBC - Great British Business Club”


Institute of the Americas | Brazil Energy Roundtable – Rio de Janeiro, November 8
Beyond the attention-grabbing political headlines from Brazil, the country’s energy sector has been navigating major changes derived from global markets as well as an important policy evolution inside the country...

04/12/2017 - São Paulo
Environment Committee Seminar. B Certification and Impact Investment


31/10/2017 - São Paulo
Legal & Regulatory Committee Seminar. Law and Technology: Cryptocurrencies and Credit Transaction over Electronic Platforms.

Britcham welcomes our recent new members
Draxos Consultoria e Gestão Ambiental Ltda.
Draxos Sustainable Solutions is in the business of Environmental Consultancy, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. We prepare and implement environmental education and stakeholders engagement programs, as well as social-environmental risk management plans.
G4S is the global leading company in security and facility management solutions. With more than one century of experience, we are in 100 countries around the globe, with 585 thousand employees and are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Copenhagen Stock Exchange. In Brazil, we are 20.000 employees attending, for 40 years, the most strict clients. Securing Your World is the G4S global commitment to guarantee all that really matters for our customers.
Individual Member- Newton F. G. Freire