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Fabio Caldas

Renato Cordeiro

Power & Renewables Committee

Recent developments in the Brazilian power and renewables sectors have shown a number of emerging business opportunities for investment and supply of goods and services by national and international companies. These opportunities are also based on the ongoing and envisaged changes in technology and regulation needed to meet the country's power demand and the need and growth of renewables as a sustainable, primary energy source in a carbon-restrained world.

Enhanced market opening, deregulation and competition are seen as key components of the future Brazilian Power & Renewables Sectors, and a trend which is likely to continue in view of the huge national needs in whatever oncoming economic landscape.

The UK Government will launch in 2019 an ambitious programme in Brazil to support the country’s transition to low-carbon energies. It will focus on regulatory and technological development.

Objectives and governance
In line with the overall objective of Britcham, the main purpose of the PRC is to provide a forum and events to foster bilateral trade, investment, services and relationships in the Power and Renewables Sectors of Brazil and the UK.   Specifically, the PRC will be supporting the development of power & renewables business - bringing together Brazilian and UK low carbon experiences and interests.

The PRC reports into the Britcham Rio ExCo and will work in close integration / synchronisation with the Oil & Gas Committee and the HMG's DIT due to the clear alignment and convergence of issues / themes and interests.

PRC current structure
President - Fabio Caldas (LightSaber Consultancy), VP - Renato Cordeiro (DIT), Secretary - Adriana Kanhan (Britcham) Members - Ana Terra (DIT), Paula Costa (Ulhoa Canto), William Ballantyne (Britcham), Richard Taylor (TEC Ventures), Valmir Dias (DIT)
Note: Gustavo Brigagão (Britcham Rio President) and Bruno Marcondes (KPMG partner, President of the Oil & Gas Committee) will be kept informed on PRC activities and eventually invited to its meetings.  Committee membership attraction is based on the benefits of monthly meetings for networking and expert information sharing.  Enhanced benefits for Britcham members include having more options to participate in relevant events, including intimate cross-fire meetings, visibility in energy events aligned to member’s business interests, and potential advocacy, all available within the package of being a member of Britcham.

Strategy & Issues
Due to the broad business scope of the PRC(*), there will be an initial focus on quick win SEGMENTS that have the most relevant and current issues, identified from members' input, such as: offshore wind, biomass, biogas, energy efficiency/storage, PCH and solar. This does not mean at all to leave aside the large scale power sector in general, and material opportunities in power distribution, transmission and generation will be addressed if urgent issues arise in these segments, but we will have an initial prioritization starting from the MORE synergistic low carbon generation AREAS, and grow from there. 

Initial core themes to be discussed in PRC would be regulation and local content, with energy efficiency, possibly, as tier two.   The PRC Committee will review the priorities each month.

Good reputational 'brand anchors', as per long-time Britcham experience, are essential.

(*) e.g., just the power sector itself has four major segments: GTDT - Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Trading.

The PRC will provide information on its activities and performance regularly to the Britcham ExCo Rio, as per the requested reporting framework.

Work Plan (wip)
Monthly management meetings, combined with cross-fire ones, operationally supported by Britcham's executive management structure.

Sponsorship prospects allowing, quarterly lunch-talks and UK DIT-supported, quarterly webinars.

Previous Events:
09/11/2018 - Lunch Presentation by the Power & Renewables Committee with André Pepitone da Nóbrega - Director of ANEEL. Theme: The current landscape and outlook for Brazil’s Electricity Sector