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See below the most recent business opportunities from Britcham's B2B.

Members interested in any opportunity may e-mail Fabrício Soares at b2b@britcham.com.br, who will forward the contact information to the posting company so they may contact the member directly.

Ref. B2B 0097/2013
Announced on 24/09/2013

A long established English manufacturer of industrial bearings that has sold its products in Brazil for many years previously via an authorized distribution network, is now looking for commission agents in the mining, steel, sugar and marine industries located in cities such as Belo Horizonte, Vitoria and São Paulo. They are looking to appoint a self-employed sales professional to represent them in Brazil who would concentrate on particular market segments (mining, steel, sugar, cement and marine) and firms such as Vale, Usiminas, Gerdau Acominas, Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN) and GE Energy Management (Gevisa).

Ref. B2B 0098/2013
Announced on 24/09/2013

A UK manufacturer of Electrophoretic Lacquers and associated products is looking for potential chemical distributors in Brazil for its products.

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Important Information: The opportunities posted here are from companies that refer to Britcham for clarification, to carry out transactions or identify clients and suppliers. Britcham only sends such companies information about members who express interest in a request. Due to the large volume of people expressing interest, there is no guarantee that the posting party will contact the member. Although the contact was facilitated by Britcham's B2B, members are encouraged to consult the competent agencies before conducting any transaction with someone other than Britcham.