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Britain Brasil Magazine 2018/2019

In this edition, Sergio Clark, President of the British Chamber, comments on Britcham’s initiatives and advances in 2018, and on the organization’s outlook for the near future, which will include a number of innovative initiatives that will add value for members and drive more consistent member engagement with Chamber activities.

In the magazine, the British Chamber welcomes the new members who joined in 2018 and readers will also find the main news from Britcham and its members, particularly in the “Members Focus” section.

This edition will also showcase the networking opportunities Britcham has provided through its events and committees, with photos and details of 2018 events, highlighting November’s traditional International Energy Seminar in Rio de Janeiro and March’s event of the GBBC – Great British Business Club, in Sao Paulo.

This edition will also include a list of British Chamber members, divided by the products and services they offer, as well as a list of individual members.

This edition: 1.000 copies

Target Public:

  • CEOs, Directors and Britcham members in Brazil and the UK;
  • British capital stock companies in Brazil;
  • groups that would like to do business with Britcham member companies;
  • companies/people outside of Brazil that would like to export or invest in the country;
  • companies/people outside of Brazil that would like to export or invest in the UK;


Distributed to top level community members, such as the following: CEOs and directors of Britcham member companies in Brazil, the United Kingdom and other British capital stock companies in Brazil; Brazilian authorities in the Ministries and Federal Government entities in Brasília; state Governors and their Secretaries; Mayors and other city officials; FIESP; FIRJAN; FIERGS; CIESP; ABIT; ABIMAQ; APEX; other trade unions; trade associations; and the Brazilian Embassy in London. It will also be delivered to those attending our events and new members over the next 12 months.